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Spy Phone  -  Questions and Answers

"You can leave the Spy Phone anywhere or give it to anyone "

Q :  What is the coverage area / range of the phone ?

A :  The coverage area will be the same as any other standard cellular phones, it  Depends
       on the cellular coverage provided by your local cellular phone company.
      As for the range while on the Spy mode -  you can call it from anywhere in the world.

Q :  Which cellular company can activate the Spy Phone ?

A :  It depends on where you live - the Spy Phone works over the GSM network,  for example
       in the United States the coverage is available through
AT&T or T-Mobil.
      The activation procedure is the same as for any other cellular phone.

Q  :  How sensitive is the microphone and how far from the phone can I hear  ?

A :  The microphone is the same microphone that is used to make a normal conversation
       located in the mouth piece of the phone.  Though the microphone is very sensitive there
      is no way to know how far can you hear,  the general rule is that you can hear the same
      as if someone "forgot" to press the END button on the keypad.

Q :  Can the Spy Phone be used for an  everyday  use as a cellular phone ?

A :  Yes, you can call and receive calls just like any other cellular phones, it will ring normally 
       and perform according to the original manufacturer specifications.

Q :  Can you tell by holding the phone that it is a "special phone" ?

A :  No, there is no way to tell by holding it or using the Spy Phone  that it has an
       "Extra feature" ,   it looks and feel  just  like a standard ordinary cellular phone.

Q :  When the Spy Phone is busy,  can I call it in to listen ?

A :  No, you will hear a busy signal or  you  will transfer  to the  voice mail.

Q :  What happens when someone wants to make a call while I monitor the Spy Phone ?

A :  You will hear them dialing,  hang up and let them finish the call.

QHow long can I monitor the Spy Phone ?

A :  You are only limited by the phone's battery,  while monitoring it is considered "talk time".

Q :  Can I call from the Spy Phone to any other phone and listen to anyone's conversation ?

A :  No,  if this is your understanding we suggest that you read the description again.

Q :  What happens after I order ?

A :  This is a custom made order, it takes about 14 days for delivery.  After you order we
       will contact you and coordinate the exact cellular phone model you need depending
       on your location.

** Our models are compatible with the GSM networks  in the United States - Europe - & Asia.


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